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About Hinkley Lighting
Hinkley Lighting

The inception of Hinkley Lighting began in 1922 as a small family owned lighting company. Phil R. Hinkley founded Hinkley Lighting, Inc. in Cleveland, Ohio. The company began with only fourteen fixtures primarily for outdoor use; today the company has grown to selling thousands of products. During World War II, Hinkley Lighting converted to the manufacture of airplane parts and sub-contracted plating jobs in order to help the United States war effort. Post World War II, Hinkley Lighting geared the company towards helping Americans achieve the “American Dream”, as “tract housing” suddenly boomed. In the 1980’s Hinkley Lighting established their landscape lighting line. In 2007, Hinkley acquired Fredrick Ramond, an upscale lighting company that offers luxury lighting.

On June 29, 2012, Hinkley Lighting was awarded “Best of Show 2012” from Dallas Market Center. The honor was awarded based on showroom displays that were innovative, fresh, and creative. In 2010, Hinkley Lighting proudly helped change the lives of a local Cleveland family on ABC’s award winning show, “Extreme Home Makeover”. Hinkley Lighting generously donated all the exterior lighting fixtures to make this deserving family’s house truly special. Hinkley is backed by a team dedicated to community involvement.

Hinkley Lighting has grown into one of the most renowned lighting designers and manufacturers in the world. Hinkley Lighting is proudly defined by their quality materials, innovative designs, and beautiful craftsmanship. The company has developed under strong family values and dedicated leaders for four generations. The president of Hinkley Lighting, Rick Wiedemer says, “We are a family company that takes pride in our work…and it shows.” Hinkley’s exceptional commitment to providing a superior product while remaining dedicated to providing outstanding customer service is what has established this company as one of the top lighting designers in the industry.

Hinkley Lighting is customer inspired. They have an excellent understanding of what a home means to each and every customer. A home is a special place. It’s where family game night will occur, where the kids will grow up, and where family meals are shared together. It’s more than just a roof over your head—it’s an emotional place and a small piece of who you are. People express their emotions through home décor. Hinkley Lighting is dedicated to creating the perfect fixture that is the perfect balance of design and practicality. They recognize that a light can’t just do one or the other. A light must provide exceptional illumination and add style to a space. With Hinkley, function and style are a package deal. Hinkley lights add elegance and style to any room in the home.

Hinkley Lighting is also very involved with charities such as The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The United Way, and Habitat for Humanity. Community involvement is highly valued by Hinkley.

Hinkley Lighting is one of the most environmentally aware companies in the lighting industry. They are proudly taking strong environmental initiatives. Hinkley is dedicated to reducing their eco-impact. They recognize the importance of preserving our earthly resources, and take responsibility for being eco-friendly. Their expert designers and engineers are continually striving to become better stewards of our environment. They are committed to providing an extensive variety of energy efficient lighting fixtures. Collections such as the Dwell, Kube, Cascade, Luna, and Atlantis are specifically designed with energy efficiency in mind. They have worked hard to create a product that uses less wattage, while still providing the same quality light—without being a fluorescent. These designs even meet nearly every Dark Sky requirement for areas concerned with light pollution. To absolutely maximize efficiency, Hinkley Lighting also offers many designs in fluorescents or LED’s. They are truly giving homeowners the choice to minimize their energy usage, and maximize their energy savings.

No matter what your illumination needs is, Hinkley certainly has what you need. Hinkley Lighting has truly revolutionized home illumination. These high-quality fixtures are considered not only functional, but also works of art.