Savoy House: Beautiful Lighting Designs for Less!

About Savoy House

Savoy House’s design mission is to create recognized, highly stylized product at great value. Seemingly fusing great prices with gorgeous designs is a Savoy House tradition. Creating craft affordable lighting art, is the forethought of Savoy Houses talented designers, some of which are, Karyl Pierce Paxton whose style element marries old with new, which can be seen in the Abagail collection. Tracy Porter who’s whimsical, eclectic style is highlighted in the Clyde collection which hand painted elements highlight relic rust finishes and amber crystal accents. Raymond Waites, translates his creative spirit into magnificent innovative designs that mixes the opulent with the humble that creates timeless and refreshing looks with casual elegance such as his famous Filament Collection that features a spectacular silver stardust finish and crystal accents. Each of these talented designers bring their own unique styles and personalities to life with the many spectacular lighting collections.

Let’s take a walk down the timeless cobble stoned streets of New Orleans famed French Quarter, Rich bronze, gold and patina finishes can be found in bold whimsical designs from the vintage street lamps to the historic building designs. Karyl Pierce Paxton embodies these elements and mixes classic old with modern new, coining the term “Classic Moderne Lighting” that illustrate antiquity infused collections, bringing the French Quarter to one’s home in collections such as the beautifully whimsical Shadwell collection which marries the deep rich hue of English bronze and gold finishes exquisitely paired with clear water glass that houses brilliant amber chimney inner glass that when lit casts a wonderful timeless glow in any setting. The Pierce Paxton collections defies the constraints of time and is sure to become a welcome part of any family’s style history.

Savoy Houses designs range from wall sconces, chandeliers, table lamps, pendants,ceiling fans, vanity lighting and much more. Savoy House has a vast array of styles and designs that any home owner and designer alike can find a style that is sure to please any style scheme of any home