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Elk Lighting

In 1983, Elk Lighting was founded by three lighting industry leaders. Adolf Ebenstein, Jonathan Lesko, and Russel King established a company dedicated to crafting luminous high end products, all while providing quality service to each and every customer. Their award winning designs have revolutionized the entire lighting industry. Nearly 30 years later, Elk still remains as at the top of the lighting industry designers. Founded on high values of commitment to the customer, Elk Lighting still believes in a customer oriented philosophy even 30 years later. Customer satisfaction is a value that will always remain at the top of their priority list. Alluring style and top of the line customer service are a package deal with Elk Lighting.

Elk recognizes that beauty does not have to come at a high cost. Affordability is highly valued by this company. Elk Lighting is a strong contender in the race to produce superior yet budget friendly lighting fixtures for any room in your home.Don’t ever sacrifice cost for quality—Elk gives you both. Elk Lighting proudly uses only the best materials that ensure the highest quality for each and every light fixture and home good. Crafted from the sturdiest metals such as iron, aluminum, and brass, Elk products are built to last. Long lasting fixtures are not just a necessity—they are an investment for your home for many years to come.

Elk products are proudly gleaming in some of the world’s most significant structures, including George Vanderbilt’s Biltmore Estate and The Historic Royal Palaces of England. While Elk dazzles in some of the world’s most architecturally superior landmarks, it will also prove to be quite alluring in your own home. Elk Lighting fixtures beautifully shine in the most plain, modern or traditional homes, but also match the sophisticated décor on the planet.

Elk Lighting has truly changed the lighting industry—for the better. Their unique award winning designs are perfect for all homes, all people, and all ages. If you really want to make a home statement, invest in an Elk Lighting product.