Forecast Lighting: Exceptionally well-styled contemporary lighting

About Forecast Lighting

Since Forecast Lighting's inception in the early 70's a clarity of vision has been the benchmark of this incredible brand, and its vision was to provide the world with designs that brings forth both quality and technology with the hopes that this will improve people's quality of life and long term added value. Forecast Lighting's goal is to be leader in the lighting industry by shaping simple and familiar, unique designs to the highest level of quality and harnessing cutting edge technologies such as LED technology that provides attractive benefits and never before possible lighting solutions, besides the well known energy efficiency.

Forecast Light fixtures will illuminate your home both outside and inside in a way that will be even more welcoming to you and your future guests. And, not to mention, make your home the most stylish and well lit home in your neighborhood. Forecast Lighting light fixtures are truly a great investment for any home.