Varaluz Lighting: Hand-Crafted Designs, Lifetime Warranty!

About Varaluz Lighting

In a world of growing waste and trash, Varaluz Lighting takes the initiative and creates an amazing collection of lighting products with very little waste. Varaluz uses recycled materials and inspiration from everyday life to create hand-crafted sustainable fixtures. Varaluz products are good for you, your home, and the environment. Varaluz isn’t just innovative, it’s a recycling revolution!

Inspiration from everyday life? That’s right. Varaluz designers draw inspiration from their environment, their dreams, whatever catches their eye. The Rain collection is inspired by a drizzly afternoon, the Pinwheel collection by a child’s toy, the Argyle collection by an embarrassing preppie sweater and so much more. Varaluz believes that it’s not just about illuminating the world around you, but to also see it in a new way.

As mentioned before, all Varaluz lights are hand-crafted the old-fashioned way, with the machines left in the laundry room. Hand-crafted means hand-painted too. Finish is an important part of the fixture, and not any old machine can be trusted to bring that special touch that hand-painting provides. Don’t see a finish you like? Varaluz happily allows for special orders with your own color.

Varaluz lights are produced in the Philippines, a region that has been celebrated for its wealth of master iron-workers. Strong culture and inherited artistry and craftsmanship and metalworking skill brought from Europe makes the Philippines the ideal location for producing unparalleled quality in every Varaluz product.

Varaluz lighting brings the bright warmth of a sunset to your home with the Capiz shell panels, or a tropical vocational look with the Banana Leaf collection. Truly show the artistry of recycling with the Fascination collection, or a pinch of alien with the Area 51 collection. Looking for something more elegant and sophisticated? Try the Aizen, Two-If-By-Sea and Matador collections.

Brightening your home doesn’t have to be a bland chore. Bring some fun to your illumination adventure by looking through Varaluz’s vast and imaginative arsenal of entertaining and enjoyable lighting fixtures.Creativity, innovativeness, and a commitment to creating the most eco-friendly lighting solutions on the market make Varaluz Lighting a fun and excellent selection when looking for lighting solutions for your home.